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I am fifty-three and a mother of soon-to-be nine children. I am a foster parent, along with my wonderful husband. I stay at home with my three cats and, right now, two foster children, two of whom we will be adopting shortly. Our home is out in the country; it is peaceful and beautiful. I love to read and write. I learned about my love for writing stories when I joined an online role play group, a place where I learned that I could write and that others really liked what I had to say. I found I enjoyed the stories I could tell through my writing. I have always loved Greek mythology as well as romance books. I branched out and created with a good friend our own site where we made up our own characters.

I will continue to help those in need especially children. I am busy with appointments, but I always find a time to take for myself and write. My future goal is to be able to continue to write and be recognized for my writing and characters I create.